Panda Cloud Antivirus Officially Compatible With Windows 7

Panda Cloud Antivirus is now officially compatible to be run on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of and have now received a compatibility certificate from Microsoft.

Panda Cloud Antivirus Windows 7

The software/hardware compatibility list, is a list of software that have been rigorously tested to work on the new Windows 7 platform. The list has been created and maintained by Microsoft.

Visit the Windows 7 Compatibility Center to view all the software and hardware that are compatible and have been tested to run on Windows 7. This list consists of both free and paid products. To view a list of compatible security software, visit this link.

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  • joe

    Just want to advise people, this cloud av is actually very very poor. Your more likely “to” get infected than not infected…here’s why your protection only lasts while your connected to the internet, there is no offline DB storage there is nothing of anything..essentially doing a scan offline as been said isn’t actually using updates or any sort of sandbox database to protect scans but it doesn’t actually check anything if your offline.

    Be aware however that this av can screw your entire Windows 7 x64 up. I was using this av, one day it said (3 days), this software does not support windows 64 bit machines, then it proceeded to turn itself off..whatever.

    Next I thought well you know, it’s time i got a real av one that actually protects me..the cloud is useless on new viruses..shocking in fact..this is where you get nailed.

    Anyways i decided to reboot my machine..i try to loin , window boots to the screen and everything just freezes as it’s loads. No matter what I did I couldn’t get past this *frozen* desktop loading part.

    I then had to uninstall cloud completely..but when I did , it did not like me doing it, and would cause me all sorts of starting up problems..did a system restore back to its previous image, same deal system freezes on loading at the desktop.

    Now you may ask why did you not try to reinstall the av? and i will tell you that a ) it complained i was using a x64 based system that it did not support (windows 7 x64)..i had the latest version of cloud av ;) and b ) reinstalling it gave me some real nasty errors from the software itself.

    I tried uninstalling as in above, but it caused severe problems…i installed avast, rebooted and it complained..its though if i put any sort of av on besides cloud it gets real angry and causes me problems.

    There are serious problems with panada cloud av…one that needs to address software stability issues on 64 bit machines…and updating a whole lot faster with virus detection and fixing…right now a new virus is not neutralized in minutes, it can take them days for this to happen in the mean time…your using a software that really is nothing more than a prevention system and unlike a normal traditional av you are not protected offline…i dont want to do a reinstall of my would take way way too long..but what choice do i have when everything just freezes and i cant officially get rid of a bit of crap software?

    User be very aware…chance of virus infection by this thing? 90% compared to other av products..there is no way to immunize your basically only works when you scan, you can be infected from the cloud system itself as it passes from user to user until it’s immunized days later! don’t fall for the panda bs crap

  • Thank uoy Techie Buzz for good advice here in your blog. Since we installed Panda Cloud Antivirus into one half and Norton Internet Security into the other half of our 14 computors in my publishing company Sonulf here in the west coast of Sweden near Gothenburg we are totally rid of former virus and other malware problems.