Kaspersky Lab is Creating a Secure Operating System for Use in Industrial Control Systems

Recently, there have been rumor of Kaspersky Lab building an operating system for industrial machinery. Yesterday, Eugene Kaspersky finally confirmed the rumors, saying that Kaspersky Laps is indeed working on an operating system for Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Eugene Kaspersky writes on the Kaspersky blog, saying,

Today I’d like to talk about the future. About a not-so-glamorous future of mass cyber-attacks on things like nuclear power stations, energy supply and transportation control facilities, financial and telecommunications systems, and all the other installations deemed “critically important”.


The biggest problems with ICS is that these systems are required to maintain a high availability, and in case of attacks and hacks, it becomes extremely difficult to shut down an infected component without bringing down the whole system. These systems are so cohesive, that it is nearly impossible to isolate an infected node, as they were never designed considering such sophisticated attacks. Kaspersky Lab is working on a secure operating system that will be effective against nation-state funded cyber-attacks, like the ones we have seen over the last few months.

The operating system from Kaspersky Lab has security as its top priority, but it will also address issues of availability by providing hot reboot-less patches. Nonetheless, it will also proactively be checked for security exploits to stay one-step ahead of hackers. This is one operating system designed from the ground up keeping one thing in mind — security. Read more about the Kaspersky Operating System here.

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