India becomes the top source of Spam emails in Q3 2011

spamAccording to a recent report from Internet security company Kaspersky Labs, India has become the top source of spam emails for the third quarter of 2011.

During this period, about 79.8% of total emails sent were spam and out of this, 14.8% originated in India. The second and third positions are also held by developing nations Indonesia with 10.6% and Brazil with 9.7%. All of the top ten sources are Asian, South American or Eastern European countries.


With limited or no laws at all to tackle the issue of spam, these countries have become the safe haven for criminals looking to exploit the internet community by spamming.

India’s huge internet user base (which is currently the third largest behind China and US) and lack of awareness among the general public about general security practices could have been the reason for India’s rise as the world’s spam capital.

Some of the other important details from the Kaspersky Spam Report are –

· In Q3 of 2011, the share of spam in mail traffic was down 2.7 percentage points compared to the previous quarter, averaging 79.8%.

· The percentage of fraudulent emails in spam traffic increased twenty times, reaching 2%.

· Asia and Latin America remain the most prominent sources of spam.

· The share of partner program spam went up 5.7 times, accounting for 29% of all spam.

· The percentage of emails with malicious attachments grew by 1.17 percentage points and averaged 5.03%.

· The share of phishing emails averaged 0.03%. Three social networks were among the Top 5 organizations targeted by phishers.

You can read the entire report here.

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