Why Do Webmail’s & Desktop Email Clients Hide Images By Default?

One of our readers asked a interesting question today, the reader basically asked us that he signs up for a lot of newsletters, however whenever he opens up them in , the images are hidden and he has to click on a link to show the images.

This is not uncommon and can also be seen when using desktop email clients like and Windows Live Mail.


The reason for webmail providers and desktop applications blocking the images is because when you load a image, it can be used to send back personal information about you to the email sender.


For example a image can send back your IP address, type of operating system used and so on when it is loaded.

This is one of the main reason images are not loaded automatically in email messages, however you can still view images by clicking on the link which says Show Images or Display Images below.

Remember do not load images if the email has come from an non trusted source as they can create a problem for you.

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