Identity Finder – A Useful Tool for Identity Theft Security

Cases of identity theft are increasing by each passing day. It is a fact that most such cases happen due to negligence of the victim and a careful approach to your online behavior can help you a lot for the prevention against Identity Theft.

A few common factors, which cause good number of identity theft cases are use of weak passwords, using the same password at a large number of websites, falling victim to phishing attacks, rash clicking on malicious links on websites and your emails and things like that. These all can be easily prevented, if you exercise a little care while being online.

But even if you are careful enough not to fall for any of them, chances are always there that you have stored and written your private data in some files, folders, email messages or chat messages, which are lying dormant in your hard disks and you have completely forgotten about that. Have you ever thought that it is also a vulnerable piece of information and cause a case of identity theft against you.

It is next to impossible for you to dig deep and search for that data in your files. But it is not that difficult for the hackers and malware artists. They know exactly where to search your computer to get that precious data. And they have sophisticated tools helped by trojans, keyloggers and other sorts of malware to assist them in their fraudulent designs.

Identity Finder – Your Tool to Prevent Identity Theft

There is a one specialized tool, which does the job to search all your disks for this vulnerable data and secure that.

Welcome to Identity Finder. It is capable of searching following pieces of information at various locations within your disks, which can be used against you, if grabbed by wrong persons.

  1. Social Security Numbers
  2. Individual taxpayer numbers
  3. Credit and debit card information
  4. Bank account information
  5. Passwords/pins
  6. Dates of Birth
  7. National Insurance Numbers (United Kingdom)
  8. National Health Service Number (United Kingdom)
  9. Tax File Numbers (Australia)
  10. Social Insurance Numbers (Canada)

Identity Finder has special algorithms to search for your critical private data at all places within your computer and encrypt it easily so that it can not be read and accessed by the hackers and malware.

Identity Finder is a FREE tool, but the free version has many limitations. You will have to buy license for using all the features.

Download Identity Finder

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