How to Prevent Your Facebook Account from Getting Hacked

Key logging Programs (Keyloggers)

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When it comes to Facebook or any other social network for that matter, users are forced to download malware (keyloggers) programs
(sometimes they are downloaded automatically). This malware consists of programming code (scripts) that is designed to gather  information, which leads to exploitation of data or loss of privacy. The gathered details can be accessed by the scammer/hacker and also allow them to gain access to system resources.
User entering credit card details

Keylogger is a software program that intercepts the user’s keystrokes when entering a username, password, credit card number or any other sensitive information that can be exploited. Once this program is downloaded and installed on the victim’s computer, it will automatically initiate the start-up and start capturing keystrokes whenever the user starts typing.

Typically a keylogger is made to function in such a way that it takes screenshots of user activity at predetermined time intervals or when a user types a character or clicks a mouse button. It also monitors online activity by recording addresses of visited web sites, entered keywords and other similar data. Most of all, it records passwords that are hidden by asterisks or black spaces.

How to remove keyloggers?

Unless you know exactly what system processes and application processes are, then you can go to Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del, and terminate unwanted programs. However, if you’re completely clueless about what these processes are, then you can try downloading anti-spyware tools like Spyware Doctor to secure your PC against privacy threats.

A keylogger can also be a small hardware device that usually is placed between the keyboard’s plug and the computer’s keyboard port. A hardware keylogger records all keystrokes and saves them into the memory. Such a device doesn’t rely on a particular software or driver and therefore works under different environments.

Password rest via Mobile

Difficulty Level: Easy

Facebook provides an option for users to reset their account password using their registered mobile number. If hackers have access to your mobile phone, then compromising your Facebook account is dead simple. However, you (or the hacker) will not be shown the current password, but it certainly leaves an option to reset the password without any troubles.

Here’s how the process is carried out –

  1. Go to Facebook’s password recovery page –
  2. You are provided with three options, and in the first option you are asked to enter your mobile number that is associated with your Facebook account.
  3. In the next step, select the mobile number and click the “Reset Password” button. It will send a confirmation code to your mobile via SMS.
    Facebook password reset via Mobile
  4. Enter the confirmation code, and you will then be able to enter a new password.

By now, you would have probably realized how unsafe this method is, and I hope you consider  removing your phone number from Facebook.

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