Google Security Team Clarifies Gmail Security and Hijacked Domains Issues

There have been quire a lot of issues with account recently, and we had told you about a hacked Gmail account of our friend, along with steps on safekeeping your Gmail account from attackers. We also had told you about some Online security tips which can keep you safe on the Internet in general.


Getting back to the Gmail issue, one of the major issues users reported with Gmail was domain theft by David Airey and also of a popular Tech blog, Make Use Of, for which I was one of the first to report a domain hijack on .

Turns out the Google Security team ran some security checks and determined that the domain hijacks were actually related to phishing attacks, where well disguised emails were sent to users whose domains were hijacked.


This is definitely a serious issue and users should always take care as to not click on links in emails from unknown people, we also have detailed instructions on how you can protect yourself from Internet threats.

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