Facebook Account Suspended Hoax Virus Exploiting Users With Surveys

A new worm is quickly spreading through the internet, and it’s main target is 500 million users. When infected, users who visit facebook.com in their browsers are being displayed a message. "Your account is suspended. To make your account active you need to complete one of these surveys". It’s a hoax and a malicious virus that is looking to make money out of Facebook users.

Facebook Account Suspended Hoax

If you have been victim to a shock saying that your account has been suspended when you visit Facebook and have to complete a survey to be eligible to use it again, you are not alone. According to Symantec, a new worm W32.Yimfoca is spreading through computers and targeting Facebook users.

If you have been infected by this worm, you will be shown a message as seen in the screenshot above. The bad part is that you will be locked out of the website as long as the W32.Yimfoca worm exists on your PC. This worm is also capable of locking you out of other websites too. So you might get this popup when you visit or in future too.

If you fail to complete the survey you will be presented with this message:

You do not have access to you account because you do not complete any survey. Please come back later and tray again

Thankfully the good news is that the exploit only works with Internet Explorer, so you can safely use other browsers to browse your favorite websites.

Removing this virus is simple, just use a good Antivirus and anti-spyware software on your computer and your PC should be safe. If you don’t know, there are quire a few Free Antivirus software available out there. You might also want to read our guides about securing your PC and keeping your PC safe on the Internet.

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