Download Morro, Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft has finally released their free anti virus solution codenamed Morroand AKA Microsoft Security Essentials to limited public beta users.

The download is available to users of Microsoft Connect, so you will need to sign in using your Windows live id and then take part in a Microsoft Connect survey before you can download the software.


Microsoft Security Essentials is currently available fro Windows XP (32-bit) and and (32-bit and 64-bit)


However there Microsoft will only be making available a limited number of copies for downloads, so head to the Microsoft Security Essentials page to download Morro. Thanks @baxiabhishek.

One thought on “Download Morro, Microsoft Security Essentials”

  1. I downloaded but haven’t used it yet. I’m currently using the ESET Smart Security 4 (Got a review copy from them last time) and not really planning to uninstall it until it expires :)

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