Internet Shuts Down for those Infected with DNSChanger on July 9

The final deadline for those affected by the DNSChanger to reset their DNS servers is getting nearer. But reports suggest that there are still more than 500000 computers that use the rogue servers. And, as the date reaches July 9th, all of the computers that still use the rogue settings will be cut off from the internet, as the FBI shuts down the temporary servers that were allowing them to connect to the internet until now.

For those unaware, DNSChanger malware was used to alter the DNS settings of the infected system to certain rogue servers that redirected the infected users to rogue websites.  The FBI had raided those responsible and had obtained control of their rogue servers in an operation called Operation Ghost Click that we had reported earlier.

Even though the malware has been removed, many still use the same DNS settings. Up until now, the FBI had been using temporary DNS servers to let the infected users remain connected to the internet, by replacing the rogue servers with the temporary ones. The deadline to shut down these temporary servers had been extended once, in order to give ISPs more time to help their customers to remove the rogue settings. But apparently, a large number of computers are still using the same settings as mentioned before.

There are various ways to check if your computer is infected with DNSChanger. All major anti-virus vendors will detect it and will warn you. Also, sites such as and have been setup to help anyone infected with the removal process.

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