Anonymous Exposes Pedophilia Ring ‘Lolita City’ and Exposes Its User’s Names
By on October 22nd, 2011

The infamous freeform hacktivist group Anonymous has infiltrated and cracked a darknet wiki that hosted child pornography and other material for pedophiles who could not curb their asocial fetish. This is a major victory for the group under their new operation named #OpDarknet which focuses on exposing forums dedicated to distressing fetishes such as child pornography in the darknet, which is the hidden or unsearchable part of the internet.

The operation concluded on Tuesday with Anonymous scouring the Hidden Wiki (an aggregated collection of links to the deep web that is not directly accessible) and finding links to child porn hosted on an anonymous free speech hosting company called Freedom Hosting. The largest of these sites was called Lolita City, a reference to Vladimir Nabokov’s controversial yet influential book Lolita about a man obsessed with young girls. According to Anon, over 100GB of child pornography was uncovered from a hidden cache from Lolita City.

When members of Anonymous asked Freedom Hosting to take Lolita City down, they refused and Anonymous disabled their servers with a crippling DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. The hosting service is still down. However, the admins of the Hidden Wiki have put up a message against Anonymous regarding their #OpDarknet vandalism claiming that their attacks will never harm them since they will rebuild what is meaningfulto them.


We will have more on this as it develops. Here is a list of information from Anonymous at Pastebin.

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