How To Remove Background From An Image In Microsoft Word 2010?

Microsoft Word 2010 has lots of new features as compared to its previous version. One of the best feature is to remove background from any image of your choice. Removing background from images will make your documents look very attractive.

Follow These Steps To Remove Background From Any Images in Microsoft Word 2010

1) Click on Insert tab and then select “Picture

Word 2010 Insert Picture Images

2) Once you have inserted the image, click on format tab and select “Background Removal

Word 2010 Background Removal Tool

3) Now select the area from which you want to remove the background

Marking Points Background Removal Word 2010

4) You can do advanced editing by marking the points in the image rather than selecting the area using the rectangle area selection tool.

Include Points Background Removal Word 2010

5) After you have selected the area, click on “Close Background Removal

Close Background Removal In Word 2010

Now the background from your image will removed. Check out the difference below, before and after using this tool.


Before Background Removal


After Background Removal

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