Microsoft Word 2010 (Beta) Screenshot Review

Let me start this review by saying that the new Word is nothing short of awesome with an assortment of irritants, of course. Sure, the annoying (for me) ribbon has been retained from Word 2007; however, with practice it does become quite efficient. The software integrates very well with the Windows 7 taskbar and performs as admirably fast as I have grown used to the word processor. The features are solid while editing is a charm!

While the program at a glance looks and feels like dear old Word 2007, there are subtle yet effective differences. Primarily, the Backstage view (click on File and you go to the Backstage view) has been enhanced very well. This applies to the entire package!


Here is the ubiquitous blank document in all its glory.


Backstage view. The entire package has been spruced up!


Backstage view for the New option. Notice the handy Blog Postbutton!


The sharing options have been enhanced mightily. Especially useful is the send as PDF options. Integrates very well with Outlook and…


OneNote! The print to OneNote option is really neat and handy!


One of the neatest features included is the easy paste-options pop-out. This appears as soon as you hit Ctrl-V and shows the preview of the pasting option as you hover your mouse over it. This one kept its original formatting (from Facebook).


The screenshot button will prove to be undoubtedly useful when writing articles such as this one! (Although I used OneNote’s super-handy WindowsKey+S screenshot function mostly)

The remove background feature is the most talked about in the internet about Word 2010. Here’s a short sequence of screenshots showing how it works.


The picture is the stoic logo. Selecting it will highlight the picture format tab in the ribbon, clicking which will show you the option to remove the background.


Click the Remove Background option and the Background Removal tool starts operating. Just select the areas you want to keep (or delete, whichever is simpler) and click Keep Changes…


And voila, here is the logo! Photoshop, be wary, you have a competitor! (Not really, but it works for these simple situations)


WordArt is back! Close enough, anyway. This is an easy and painless way to make a killer document for that college poster title, among other things.

That pretty much wraps the short screenshot review of Word 2010 and its new features. The application is polished, fast and effective. It is a great tool for writers like me and presenters like you! Word 2010 beta comes free with a Starter Pack of Office 2010. Go for it!

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