Create Office Documents Online with Office Web Apps

Microsoft is all set to launch a new product which will be known as Office web apps.This web based version of Microsoft office will let users create and edit documents from their browser just like Google docs.The application will be web based and you won’t need Microsoft office anymore to create office documents.

If you want to preview the web based version of Microsoft office now, follow the simple steps described below:

1. Go to Skydrive and sign in with your windows live account.

2. Click the My Documentsfolder and upload a sample Word (.doc) file from your computer.


3.As soon as your upload is complete you will be presented with a link to join the preview program to create, edit, view and share Office documents online.


That’s it.Now you can test and preview the new office web apps. Only PowerPoint and excel documents can be created and edited as of now.

The interface is cool, quite the same as it is in Microsoft office 2007. Basic formatting functions has been included like bold, italics and underline.You can duplicate a slide and insert link as well as smart art objects in the PowerPoint slides created with the Office web app.Below is a screenshot of the PowerPoint and excel web app as seen in the browser.



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