Embed Videos/Audio In PowerPoint 2010 Presentations

Earlier versions of PowerPoint did not have an option to insert/embed videos in presentations, however in , PowerPoint has an option to easily insert videos into PowerPoint presentations.

To embed a video or audio file into a PowerPoint presentation, follow the steps listed below.

Inserting/Embedding Videos In PowerPoint Presentation

Step 1: In the presentation slide that you want to insert/embed the video, click on the Insert tab.

Insert Video Into Presentation

Step 2: At the right hand corner of the option click on Video, you will see an option to embed videos from either your local drive or from a online video site.

Powerpoint 2010 Local Video Inserted

Step 3: If you choose to insert video from your local disk, you will be shown an option to browse to the location of the file, once you have chosen the file it will insert the video into the presentation.

Embed Videos Powerpoint Presentations

However you can also embed videos from video sites like , in such cases you will need to paste the embed code directly into a textbox to embed it into the presentation.

Embed Youtube Videos Powerpoint Presentation

Once you have entered the code, click on the insert button to add the video to the presentation, you can then resize the video according to your needs.

Inserting Audio In PowerPoint Presentation

Record And Insert Audio Into Powerpoint Presentation

You can also easily insert audios to the presentation, just go to insert and click on Audio in the right hand corner, you can then choose to insert audio from a file or record audio and insert it into the presentation.

That’s it, Office 2010 has definitely made inserting audio and video into presentations much more easier, we will be doing several more articles like these in future to expose several features in Office 2010, you can follow all the tips by visiting the page.

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  • Kim

    I am trying to embed a video from ABCnews and I do not have the option to embed a video from a website, it only gives the options: movie from file, or movie from clip organizer. How do I directly embed it into the presentation?


  • I’ve created a pptx with PowerPoint 2010 with timed narration. At the outset of each slide the narration volume decreased and after a few seconds, then rises. This is distracting for viewers. Is this an artifact of the PowerPoint 2010 software, and is there a remedy?

  • Kevin Q

    This would definitely work if there was “from an online source” button on my powerpoint program….

  • Leka

    What if the video does not work?

  • John


    You have mentioned that earlier versions of power points did not allowed to insert videos.

    I inserted videos into power point 2007 even today, so for me this earlier version works.

    This inserting and not EMBEDDING.So I have to have the video sent together with the presentation in one folder.

    I see many comments about EMBEDDING videos into power point 2010. But actually none say that the video will include in presentation or still need to have the video being sent with the presentation in a common folder.
    I do not have power point 2010, so cannot try myself.

    Do you ha any answer to this issue.

    thanks, John

  • Thanks for sharing this step-by-step process. As Australia’s leading presentation agency, our clients love that they can now embed videos into their presentations. Antoher great reason to upgrade to PowerPoint 2010!