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What’s New In Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

Along with a the new Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, Google also unveiled the latest version of Jelly Bean – Android 4.2. Yes, Google decided to stick with the same name so as to avoid confusion and because the new release does not bring any major changes to warrant a whole new name. So, what exactly is new in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean? Read below to find out.

Photo Sphere

With Ice Cream Sandwich, Google introduced panorama mode to the stock camera app. Apple did the same with iOS6 and the iPhone 5, except that in iOS6 users could take panorama photos in portrait mode as well. With Android 4.2, Google has brought its amazing Street view technology to Android devices. Photo Sphere will allow Android 4.2 running devices to click photos of multiple axis and then stitch them into one, to form one single 360 degree image. The best part about the Photo Sphere images is that they are taken in the full 8MP resolution of the camera, and not downscaled to a lower resolution.

Below is a video of Photo Sphere in action on the Nexus 4 -:

Gesture Typing

Google has been constantly tweaking the stock Android keyboard with each and every Android OS release. While Android 2.3 and Android 4.0 brought about a major re-vamp in the looks and minor layout changes, Android 4.1.1 brought SwiftKey like next-word prediction system. With Android 4.2, Google is bringing Gesture Typing to the stock Android keyboard. Think of Gesture Typing as Swype – Just glide your fingers over letters you want to type and only lift them at the end of each word. With Gesture typing and the keyboard’s ability to predict the next word a user is going to type, Jelly Bean makes typing a breeze rather than a chore.

Multiple User Profiles

With Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, Google is bringing multiple user profiles to Android tablets. This will allow users to easily share their tablets with their family members without worrying about their saved games progress or other private data. This feature is only for tablets, but I am pretty sure it is just a matter of time before custom ROM developers bring this feature to Android phones as well.


While I first got excited hearing about Daydream, the feature is relatively useless. Daydream will allow your Android device to show either updates from Google Current or say a photo stream while your device is docked or idle.

Lockscreen Widgets

Finally! With Android 4.2, Google has finally made the lockscreen infinitely more useful thanks to widgets. At the moment there is not much known about how lockscreen widgets, except that they can be accessed by swiping right or left across the lockscreen. However, The Verge does have a video which shows the lockscreen in action for a short amount of time.

Miracast Wireless Display Support

Android finally gets an Airplay competitor with Miracast Wireless Display support. Even though Miracast is a relatively new technology, it should become a frequent feature in TVs by next year. If your current TV does not feature Miracast, you can add it by using an after-market dongle.

Notification Quick Controls

With Android 4.2, Google has finally provided users with quick access to toggling certain settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and more. This feature is something which every Android OEM has added to stock Android via their skin, and considering its usefulness, the amount of time that Google took to implement it is just mind boggling. Users can access the notification toggles by pressing a button on the notification bar. Alternatively, they can swipe down the notification bar using two fingers to directly access the toggles.

Below is a video showing the quick controls in action -:

New Clock App

The current Clock app in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is nothing short of ancient. It lacks all basic features like a stop watch and timer which in 2012 is nothing short of shameful. Thankfully, with Android 4.2, Google has completely over-hauled the Clock app and added new features to it including World Clock along with stop watch and timer.

Google Now

With Android 4.2, Google has made Google Now smarter. It can now directly read and display flight confirmations, hotel reservations, shipping details, movie times, nearby attractions and more. Google Voice Search, which is an integral part of Google Now, is also more powerful now allowing users to directly launch apps or schedule calendar appointments.

Since Google Now is not a part of the core Android OS, the update is already available to all Jelly Bean running devices via the Play Store.

New Linux Kernel

With Android 4.2, Google has updated the stock Android kernel to be based on the Linux 3.4 kernel. The new kernel improves memory utilization, security and more. From what I have read, the Linux kernel 3.4 should also allow Android OEMS to easily port the latest version of the Android OS to their devices. It will also allow Google to keep the Android kernel version in sync with the mainline linux kernel.

How Nokia Beat Apple In Mind Games

When Nokia introduced the Lumia 920 the general consensus was, it’s a good phone but Apple’s iPhone 5 will be the best phone. There will be pigs flying over Mascone when it is revealed. Of course that didn’t happen. The iPhone 5 was underwhelming. The real show stealer yesterday was the new iPod Touch. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the iPhone isn’t innovative; what we saw yesterday was design innovation, not innovation same as iPhone 1. iOS6 isn’t bringing anything new either. As a result, the overall consensus yesterday was that the iPhone 5 is good looking powerful device, it will sell millions but isn’t revolutionary. As Mat Honan puts it, “It is amazing and utterly boring.”

Compare this to Nokia, the company announced a new camera setup, wireless charging and NFC capabilities. The introduction of wireless charging and NFC have generated excitement, while you can rubbish them as gimmicks, wireless charging makes a lot of sense to me. I come home and place the phone next to my PC, and guess what?! The phone isn’t connected to a wire!  The charger is connected to a power source, but my phone isn’t. The phone charging cable just vanished as far as I am concerned.

Nokia made an impression.

The other key announcement Nokia made was around NFC. TO understand this, we need to look at Nokia’s NFC accessories, so far just personal audio equipment. Nokia believes NFC helps you get rid of the cumbersome setup of Bluetooth pairing or WiFi sharing. And guess what?! You don’t have to buy a dock adapter for your phone!

Not new, ergo not innovative, but then Nokia has a concept of wireless charging. Put these together and you have innovation that the end consumer can feel while using the technology in a way where technology is seamless.

Nokia again makes an impression.

The third is specs. Now many say specs don’t matter and that the phone’s experience is what matters. Well, guess what?! So far the general consensus is that the Windows Phone experience is very good! Couple this with no hardware advantage that Apple has with the iPhone 5 & features shown in Windows Phone 8, Nokia has made an impression.

Let’s talk about the now infamous Lumia 920 camera. In the tech circles, Nokia is being mocked for fudging PureView photographs but to the end user  PureView as a brand makes an impression. And while we are on the topic of innovation and winter is coming, being able to use a touch screen phone with gloves on–getting that right, is innovation. On those living in the colder regions, like Central New York, Nokia made an impression.

In a mind game of making an impression, Nokia just beat Apple.

PS: Google Now on Android is far more useful than Siri.

2012 Sony Walkman Line Announced, Some Run Android 4.0

2012 Walkman Series Announced

Yesterday, Sony unveiled two new media players in their ‘Walkman’ line. The Walkman line of MP3 players has been due for an update for quite some time so these upgrades are definitely welcomed by diehard Android and Sony fans who are looking for a new media player. Sony has updated both their high-end and low-end media players.

The Walkman F800 is an interesting new iPod Touch competitor which runs on the Android 4.0 operating system and can run a ton of different apps from Google Play. The player also offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity all packed into a slim package with a 3.5″ touchscreen. The F800 is currently available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB variants starting at $279.

As far as the lower end Walkmans go, Sony updated the Walkman E474 by adding a larger screen and more colors to the lineup. Other than that, the E747 is pretty barebones as it runs a proprietary operating system and is not touch based. The E747 will run you roughly $80 and can be purchased with an optional speaker dock. If you like the E747 but want Bluetooth capabilities, Sony has you covered. Sony also announced Walkman S770BT which is essentially the same as the E747 but adds Bluetooth capabilities.

Source: Engadget

Stereomood is an emotion-driven internet radio

The starting page of Stereomood has this well-acknowledged quote:

behind every song there’s always an emotion. we don’t know why but maybe that’s why we love music. [sic]

This is why music is music. There are no hard-bound rules regarding the kind of emotions it will trigger in our minds. From rock n’ roll to trance and from pop to hip-hop, every little nuance and melancholic harmonic plays little chords in our heads, leading us to places we have never been before, or guide us to our destination. Stereomood is for the adventurous listeners who would like to go places instead of the same old songs on and on again. It is part music discovery and part radio and will be loved by anyone who is not in the mood to listen to their favorite bands, but instead is in the mood to listen to songs that resonate with their emotions.


All of the songs in the database are user-submitted/uploaded and registering for an account on this website allows you to maintain your library of favorite songs and upload your own songs.


The player is artsy and simple, with the requisite play/pause, stop, next, previous buttons, a seeker and a one-click option to submit this song to half a dozen websites. You also have the option of buying this song from iTunes or Amazon as well as tag it, add it to the library, send it via mail to a friend and shuffle the tracks (of course).

In all, this is a very very simple website simply existing for the sake of letting people hear great music. I’ve recommended this site to quite a few of my friends, and for all of you music-lovers who want great new music and do not want to pay for the $3/month subscription of, this is a great (albeit in less quanitity) alternative!

Search For Music Videos, MP3s and Lyrics Using Museeca

There are websites to search for music videos, websites to search for lyrics and even websites to search for MP3s. However, there are very few websites that allow you to search for all of these.

Museeca is a search engine solely dedicated to music. You can use Museeca to find MP3,music videos, Ringtones, Lyrics and even guitar tabs. The underlying search engine is Google so the results are pretty fast and accurate. For example, searching for an Mp3 of Fireflies would display a number of MP3 sites where you can listen to and download the song.

You can search for a song by artist, song or album name. While searching for a ringtone, you can narrow your search down to MP3 Ringtones, iPhone Ringtones or Polyphonic Ringtones.

Want to see which chords were used in a particular song? Another unique option that Museeca offers is to search for Guitar tabs. It searches popular guitar sites including Ultimate-Guitar and GuitarTab.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Museeca is an excellent resource to search for music and music related information. When you enter a query in Museeca, it searches Google for you but filters out all the noise and only gives you the results containing actual media.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to Internet Radio on Your Desktop using AirFM

Music is one of the most soothing hobbies I have had for a very long time. I make it a point to always carry some form of music player or radio player with me whenever I travel. Most portable devices make it easy to listen to radio while on the go, however listening to radio on the desktop can be a bit difficult.

Of course there are several websites where you can listen to internet radio online, however, having a desktop tool would be good too.


AirFM is a based application which will allow you to listen to internet radio stations on your desktop. You can choose from a list of pre-defined radio stations and play any of them for free.


You can also add the radio stations to your favorite list and access them easily. You can also skip songs and play the next in queue by using the control buttons.

Techie Buzz Verdict

AirFM is a excellent lightweight internet radio player with a minimal interface. There are more than 200+ stations to choose from, however, the developer claims that users can add their own stations, but I did not find an option to do that.

It would be even more better, if the option to add custom radio stations would be available to users.

Ratings: 3/5 (Good)

Download AirFM

Stream Music Online With Vibe Streamer

If you were looking for a good program to stream your music files online then we have something exiting for all of you. Now you can create your own music station and stream your MP3 files online with the help of Vibe Streamer. Vibe Streamer is a free MP3 streaming server that allows you to connect and stream your music using a standard web browser. It means that your friends can listen all of your songs right inside their browser.

The installation and setup of the program is too simple. This program can be easily configured with any router. It even protects your large collection of music files from unknown users with the help of user accounts and groups. You can even create your own customized skin or you can download skins from their website.

Vibe Streamer


  • Free music streaming server.
  • Easy installation and configuration.
  • Share unlimited files and directories.
  • Full support for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7.
  • Full support for Linux through Wine.
  • Protect your directories with user accounts and groups.
  • Easily manage your users, groups and their access rights.
  • Well designed web client that supports large collections of music files.
  • audio scrobbling integration.
  • UPnP support for simple router configuration.
  • Create your own skins or download new skins as they appear on our website.
  • It includes standard skin support for most commonly used browsers.

Currently it supports only MP3 files. It works on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and even on Linux through Wine. I would recommend this program to everyone looking for a free MP3 streaming software on the Internet.

[ Download Vibe Streamer ]

Export iTunes MP3 Songs and Albums

iTunes is definitely not one of my favorite music players, and thanks to Keshav who showed me how to use a barebones player and convert Foobar2000 into a super music player, I have been using it more and more.

Of course if you have a iPod or iPhone you do require iTunes to transfer and manage music. But there are iTunes alternatives like Floola and iPhone PC Suite.


If you do not want to use a alternative but just want to export MP3 songs and albums for iTunes, iHandler a based application can definitely come in handy.

The software will basically allow you to load a iTunes Library and export the songs and albums and allow you to store it in another folder so that you can use it with other music players.

iHandler is based on Adobe Air so it can run on both Windows and Mac.

Download iHandler [via BlogsDNA]

How to Embed Album Art In MP3 Files

Album Art If you are an audiophile and anything like me, you probably have got loads of music stacked up inside folders and folders. Managing a large collection of music can be a bit of a task sometimes, but with the help of some useful tools it can be made much easier.

Album Art is one thing that makes browsing your music library a lot more easier and fun. The graphic draws your attention towards the band or artist and forms a virtual connection that links your music taste with it. However, it’s not necessary that all your music would have embedded album art information. Probably, some of your music came from CDs, some from friends, a fraction from online stores and maybe, a larger fraction from, well, The Pirate Bay for instance.

Difference between external and embedded album art:

Album Art can either be external or embedded into the file, in the ID3v2 Tags. The ID3v2 tagging standard allows any kind of image to be embedded into the audio file. JPEG or PNG files can be embedded, but JPEG has been the norm. The difference between embedded information and external information is as simple as it sounds. When you embed something (an image file in this case) into the audio file, the size of the audio file increases relatively. Although external information does not increase the size of the file, the major drawback that it creates is unportability of the information. If one media player recognizes external Album Art, your media centre might not recognize. Plus, external files also increase clutter.

How to Embed Album Art into MP3 Files?

What we’ll need:

  1. Mp3tag Mp3tag is an advanced ID3 tag editor that also lets you edit embeddable information, like Album Art.
  2. The Album Art graphic file: You’ll of course need the graphic file that you wish to embed as album art. The recommended dimensions are 200×200 or 300×300. You can try searching for Album art on Google Image Search or Wikipedia. You can also you use a software like Album Art Downloader that will fetch you the Album Art for the specified Album from various sources like, Amazon, various online music databases etc.

Here we go:

1. Open Mp3Tag, go to File > Change Directory (Ctrl+D). Select the directory of your Album or where your music files are located. Similarly, you can drag-n-drop the files you wish to edit and embed Album Art.

2. Select all the files with the mouse pointer or press CTRL+A. Right click on the selected files and chose Extended Tags.


3. A dialog box will open that lists all the extended tags of the files selected. On the right, you’ll see a box where you can select the Album Artwork. Click the Add Cover Button on the right (which has a star on it), browse and select the image file you’ve downloaded and chosen to embed as artwork and click open. Then click Ok.


4. Voila! Your selected music has been updated with the Album Art of your choice.

Mp3Tag is quite a powerful tagging software. You can use it to edit other meta information in your music collection and wash out the mistakes in the tags. incidentally, you can also extract artwork from mp3 files, by clicking on the save’ button.

Well, I think that solves it. Have an organized and lively experience with your music! :)

Image courtesy: tupton

Search & Download Best MP3 Online

If you have not yet taken advantage of the MP3 search engines we had told you about, here is another way to search and download the best MP3 files online.

All the best MP3s is a new service that will allow you to find the best songs and albums you want easily and let you browse them and download them in seconds.


The service also lets you browse the top music from different World music charts, along with providing a neat interface to browse the latest and top downloaded MP3 files.

The MP3 search is very good and shows results pretty fast. Overall a pretty good service for finding and downloading music online.

Please note: Downloading MP3 files may be illegal in some countries, please check your local copyright laws before downloading them.

Find & Delete Duplicate Music Files

We all admire our music collection and arrange them carefully, however no matter how much we try, there may be duplicate copies of the same music in our collection.

Now we do have a choice of painfully sorting through each and every music file to find duplicates and then delete them, or then we could just use a tool to do the hard work for us.


If you decided to use a tool, Similarity is one we would suggest you to find & delete duplicate music and mp3 files. Similarity is a useful program that helps you to find and remove similar, duplicate musical files (MP3, WMA, OGG, ASF, WAV, FLAC, APE, WV) with the same or similar sound content, music tags (ID3,WMF,Vorbis).

You can adjust sensitivity of searching criteria to find exact or similar files. In this way it is possible to identify similarly titles with smaller differences. Duplicate files can be deleted or browsed.

Similarity Features

  • Three powerful comparing algorithms (content based, tags based and experimental).
  • Support lossy formats: MP3, MP2, OGG, WMA, ASF.
  • Support lossless formats: FLAC, APE, WF, WMA.
  • Support ID3v1, ID3v2, ASF, WMA, Vorbis tags.
  • Find files with same sound content (not byte to byte comparison, using sound analyzing).
  • Tag editor (support MP3,WMA).
  • Tag/file renaming tool.
  • Very fast sound content scanning.
  • Works with removable media devices like USB, etc.
  • Search local PC and over network.
  • Find duplicate from a selected set of folders.
  • Show files tags and properties.
  • Results can be exported to playlist.

Download Similarity [via Madhur Kapoor’s Blog]

YouTube Gets Added To FoxyTunes As A Part Of It’s WebServices

FoxyTunes is among the world’s most popularly used Firefox extensions. It’s extreme popularity and quick growth was the reason for it to be acquired by the IT giants Yahoo for a staggering sum of 40 million US Dollars. Yahoo Music acquired it so as to expand it further. FoxyTunes already had a number of inviting features that made it instantly popular amongst music lovers, and with the newest release where in it has has additional maintenance for YouTube, the most popular video sharing website, FoxyTunes fan following will surely increase.

YouTube has been added to FoxyTunes as a part of its web services. If you have FoxyTunes installed, along with controlling the videos from YouTube you can also browse all the playlists with the toolbar, at the same time. For the time you can control the videos on; however as per the developers you will be able to put in support meant for all the videos that a person embeds, and this will be a part of web services real soon. In case you are wondering about FoxyTunes and their function then perhaps the next paragraph would be able to shed some light on the matter.

FoxyTunes was started out in the form of an easy and straightforward add-on that would aptly control a music player. This also offered support for many types of players while also showing important info about every song that has been chosen by the user and this info is shown while it’s being played. Important information showed to the listener, includes lyrics, artist search, genre and more.

These bits of information have completely altered the way an individual listens to music and thanks to this software music listening has become more interactive. FoxyTunes also immensely supports many services from the web like the and Rhapsody Online and as we can understand that the FoxyTunes isn’t just a mere uncomplicated player add-on but it’s also a perfect way to attach several files of music to Internet-power.

Indie Community Site IndiePit Gets Ready for Update [Grab Free Pro Accounts]

Update: All you IndiePit fans, version 1.5 is coming out on Monday at 12AM PST instead of launch date set for today, the delay was caused because of some technical glitches, the 500 pro accounts for new signups are still a go so hang on and start signing up on 15th June 12AM PST.


If you could recall, we published a post last month about some fantastic sources of indie music online. We missed Indiepit but had to add it, thanks to our engaging readers who pointed out it’s inept absence from the list.

» IndiePit is an online music community for indie artists, where musicians can share their tunes with the world, sell their creations and create an online fan base.

Launched presumably in 2007, Indiepit has been relatively unknown to the masses except the traditionalist indie music fans. Basically Indiepit, without the .com is a company which facilitates the success of independent bands, musicians and labels. And the site is their primary tool. Unlike other supporters of independent music, Indiepit is built from scratch without any venture capital funding or by the backing of any large corporate entities. Says their myspace page.

As per our birdie, they will soon be releasing the next version of the site. The revamp, number 1.5 to be precise shall be out by the 12 of June. We were interested about the new launch so we’ve got some exclusive details on what’s coming new for our awesome Techie Buzz readers!

A new album management system will be introduced. Unlike version 1.0 where artists could upload only full albums, a new system of rules shall be out which will allow the submission of EPs, LPs and compilations. Artists can now create mixes of their tracks and put them on the site.

The site will soon be working like a mini store for music. Previously, users and fans could download songs for free only if the artist had permitted it. Now with the new update, users can not only download free songs but also buy those which are not free. Artists can either set a straight price for their tracks in which case their album will cost the total cost of the tracks or set a discounted price for the album if the whole of it is bought together. The tracks downloaded will be DRM free and of the original quality in which they were uploaded.

Another freshly baked feature is of the coupon codes. Artists can create coupons which they can give away to their fans to be used on Indiepit for free downloads of their tracks. A feature of great use to indie artists that play at local parties where they can pass on coupons as merchandise or on cards.

If you are an indie fan, artist or label, signing up on Indiepit is worth the time.

IndiePit also offers Pro accounts for artists and bands, and if you’re one, you stand a chance to grab a Pro account on Indiepit if you are amongst the first 500 to signup on June 12!

[ IndiePit ]

Top 10 Sources of Fantastic And New Indie Music

Music is an obsession for many. Some people live on music and some feed on it. And when you feed on it, you can’t have the same kind of music to hear everyday, every week. When you have veggies everyday, it feels good to have a pizza once a while or bite a burger. So why not experiment and find music which has not been found yet?

For those who are too addicted to Coldplay or Linkin Park, should know that there are a lot of artists and bands, which are striving to get their music heard without the support of any major recording company. Their music may not always be good but it may be very good at times, all they need is support from people and good coverage before an established studio signs them up.

A lot of these artists try to get their content reach people through the internet which in most of the cases, is available for free. You get to hear music never heard before, you get to know artists never known before. And they’re usually good.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the best places on the internet to look for such indie music from unsigned, independent artists or pop groups.



Now hosting more than 20,000 albums, Jamendo is a music sharing and community site. Artists can upload their tracks onto the site and assign them one of the Creative Commons licenses. With a license in hand, artists can promote their content and protect their rights at the same time. If you like a particular artist, you can also make a donation through paypal from the site itself. A quick sign-up gives you a profile with some social networking abilities, although downloads and unlimited streaming is free for anyone, registered or not.



Magnatune works directly with artists worldwide and the music published is all hand picked. When an album is uploaded, you can listen to it for free as much as you want. But downloading it will require a subscription. Starting at just $10/month, you can download any album you like. Magnatune pays artists 50% of what it earns justifying the tagline We are not evil’. You can also browse through collections, like this one for best selling instrumental music and order CDs by postal mail ($11 to $24). An option for individual album downloads is also there which costs between $5 and $18, fifty percent of which goes to the artist.



The netlabels archive on has been a prominent place to look for new music. It allows netlabel owners to upload their content creative commons licensing is an option to the archive and anyone can stream or download the tracks for absolutely no cost. You can either download individual tracks or get hold of an album with a zip download.   Streaming music is also a feature.

Legal Torrents


Legal Torrents is an online digital media community and as the name implies, this is no pirate bay. Being a community, there are also a lot of other things like movies and games legal ones! for grabs. The music is licensed under any of the creative commons licenses and a submission is only taken in once it has been verified. Although you can’t browse the netlabels section by genre, the point that it provides a community based p2p platform for artists makes up for it.



The Free Music Archive is an interactive library of free legal downloads. All the music is free to stream and free to download. Artists get a page of their own which sport a short bio and links to their sites. Listeners can also tip’ or donate to their favorite artists via paypal or mark albums as a favorite. Albums can be browsed by genre and further by sub-genres.



Mixcloud, unlike any other on this list, focuses on music mixes and compilations rather than individual tracks. It also accepts podcasts, radio shows and dj mixes into its library. Subscription right now is free, while Mixcloud is in beta. You can listen to any music, any time at no cost although downloading is not permitted. Every registered user can upload their own music as well and create a profile to promote their content.

The Sixty One


It’s like Digg but for music. Artists upload their songs to the site and users can love’ them. With each love’ vote, the song gets popular and rises to the top of the list. A very well thought out site, the music continues its play as you navigate through the site and browse songs, either by genre or popularity. If you sign up, you’ll get to bump tracks up the list, save them to a playlist and download some freely available tracks as well.



A large community website for independent artists, GarageBand is used by musicians to promote their creations and get critical reviews about their tracks. Songs can be streamed and many can be downloaded as well. The site provides a social network backend for artists where they can create a community and meet new fans. Listeners can review any album out there and rate it accordingly.



Purevolume solely focuses on the promotion of indie music artists and groups. Listeners can signup for free and go through their archive of albums and tracks. Many of the tracks are available for free download even though you can stream all of them. PureVolume features both signed and unsigned artists and there’s a page which lists the top tracks by unsigned artists. Check it out.

Amie Street


Amie Street is like the ideal platform for emerging artists. When an album is submitted, it’s either free to download or cheap to buy. As it gets more popular and more people listen to and buy it, it’s price rises. So the newest and latest music is either free or doesn’t make a hole in your pocket. When it rises in popularity, you’ll have to spend about $0.98/per track. Not at all a bad price for good music.

Update:  Ok Ok, I missed  IndiePit. Check it out as well, it seems quite cool.

And That’s All. Let me know what are your favorite sites for finding cool new music. The comments are always open.

Err…I still can’t help those who have veggies everyday :D Get a change guys!

Publish Pandora Songs To

Pandora and are two really good places to listen to music online, however both are different services, but a small script will allow you to publish the music you are hearing on Pandora to your account.

PandoraFM is simple. As you listen to music via the excellent Pandora music service each song gets submitted to your profile on Last.FM. You’re listening to music, so why shouldn’t you be able to account for it? Some call it a mash-up, others call it a hack. I call it Pandora.FM.

So go ahead and share all the fantastic music you listen to on both these services, you will need to download and install the Greasemonkey add-on for before you can use this script.

If you are a user and are in a country where it will be available as a paid service, you can check out some Alternatives which are free.

Download PandoraFM for Greasemonkey