Stereomood is an emotion-driven internet radio

The starting page of Stereomood has this well-acknowledged quote:

behind every song there’s always an emotion. we don’t know why but maybe that’s why we love music. [sic]

This is why music is music. There are no hard-bound rules regarding the kind of emotions it will trigger in our minds. From rock n’ roll to trance and from pop to hip-hop, every little nuance and melancholic harmonic plays little chords in our heads, leading us to places we have never been before, or guide us to our destination. Stereomood is for the adventurous listeners who would like to go places instead of the same old songs on and on again. It is part music discovery and part radio and will be loved by anyone who is not in the mood to listen to their favorite bands, but instead is in the mood to listen to songs that resonate with their emotions.


All of the songs in the database are user-submitted/uploaded and registering for an account on this website allows you to maintain your library of favorite songs and upload your own songs.


The player is artsy and simple, with the requisite play/pause, stop, next, previous buttons, a seeker and a one-click option to submit this song to half a dozen websites. You also have the option of buying this song from iTunes or Amazon as well as tag it, add it to the library, send it via mail to a friend and shuffle the tracks (of course).

In all, this is a very very simple website simply existing for the sake of letting people hear great music. I’ve recommended this site to quite a few of my friends, and for all of you music-lovers who want great new music and do not want to pay for the $3/month subscription of, this is a great (albeit in less quanitity) alternative!

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