Now Charging Users Outside US, UK and Germany for Radio Service

lastfmIf you’re hooked on to the radio service and not living in US, UK or Germany, there is some bad news for you. The popular media portal has announced that it will start charging users monthly for the radio service.

People living outside the United States, UK and Germany will have to subscribe to the service at a price of €3.00 each month which accounts for approximately $4 USD. notes on their blog:

In order to keep providing the best radio service on the web, we need to ask our listeners from countries other than USA, UK and Germany to subscribe for €3.00 per month. In return you’ll get unlimited access to Radio, and a promise that we’ll be hard at work improving the service for years to come.

Apparently, you will only be charged for the radio service. Other features such as scrobbling, recommendations, charts, biographies, events, videos etc. will remain free and available to all users and subscribers. There will also be a 30 track free trial on the Radio which will convince people to subscribe and keep listening to the radio, as their team notes.

The leniency towards the blessed three countries is probably because’s largest subscriber base resides there. For the rest outside, will have to pay for the radio. If are interested in listening to more than 7 Million tracks on their Radio, get ready to loosen your wallet.

We recently asked our friends on twitter whether they will pay for the service and mostly all of them replied in negative. If you are that type, stay tuned, we will be getting a list of alternatives soon.

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