Indie Community Site IndiePit Gets Ready for Update [Grab Free Pro Accounts]

Update: All you IndiePit fans, version 1.5 is coming out on Monday at 12AM PST instead of launch date set for today, the delay was caused because of some technical glitches, the 500 pro accounts for new signups are still a go so hang on and start signing up on 15th June 12AM PST.


If you could recall, we published a post last month about some fantastic sources of indie music online. We missed Indiepit but had to add it, thanks to our engaging readers who pointed out it’s inept absence from the list.

» IndiePit is an online music community for indie artists, where musicians can share their tunes with the world, sell their creations and create an online fan base.

Launched presumably in 2007, Indiepit has been relatively unknown to the masses except the traditionalist indie music fans. Basically Indiepit, without the .com is a company which facilitates the success of independent bands, musicians and labels. And the site is their primary tool. Unlike other supporters of independent music, Indiepit is built from scratch without any venture capital funding or by the backing of any large corporate entities. Says their myspace page.

As per our birdie, they will soon be releasing the next version of the site. The revamp, number 1.5 to be precise shall be out by the 12 of June. We were interested about the new launch so we’ve got some exclusive details on what’s coming new for our awesome Techie Buzz readers!

A new album management system will be introduced. Unlike version 1.0 where artists could upload only full albums, a new system of rules shall be out which will allow the submission of EPs, LPs and compilations. Artists can now create mixes of their tracks and put them on the site.

The site will soon be working like a mini store for music. Previously, users and fans could download songs for free only if the artist had permitted it. Now with the new update, users can not only download free songs but also buy those which are not free. Artists can either set a straight price for their tracks in which case their album will cost the total cost of the tracks or set a discounted price for the album if the whole of it is bought together. The tracks downloaded will be DRM free and of the original quality in which they were uploaded.

Another freshly baked feature is of the coupon codes. Artists can create coupons which they can give away to their fans to be used on Indiepit for free downloads of their tracks. A feature of great use to indie artists that play at local parties where they can pass on coupons as merchandise or on cards.

If you are an indie fan, artist or label, signing up on Indiepit is worth the time.

IndiePit also offers Pro accounts for artists and bands, and if you’re one, you stand a chance to grab a Pro account on Indiepit if you are amongst the first 500 to signup on June 12!

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  • Danny Montello

    Absolutely amazing design, supported by a cast of truly incredible artists. Two thumbs up.

  • Kyle Xu

    Although this quality of work has come to be expected from Riot Siren Design, I was surprised to hear that there are no investors linked to the project.

    It’s refreshing to hear about individuals willing to produce a high-quality product for all the right reasons :)

  • Danielle

    Clean, easy to navigate design, fueled by the independent community — what’s not to love? Keep up the great work guys! Can’t wait to wrap my arms around version 1.5!!

  • Tom DeMarco

    As the talent director at a somewhat mainstream label, I’ve had a chance to try out most of the sites out there today. While the options are plentiful, exactly zero compare to IndiePit. A pleasure to use, and I highly recommend this to others.

  • Danity J. Price

    Finally an online community with a design that doesn’t make me feel like I’m in outer space! Music without gradients and shiny objects allows me to focus on the artists (WHAT REALLY MATTERS!)…… THANK YOU!!!!

  • Ardelle Rivera

    No doubt about it… Riot Siren Design really delivered on this one. I had a chance to meet a couple people working at the firm and they’re truly amazing (and, believe it or not, down to earth). Keep up the great work IndiePit!

  • Mike Brockton

    It’ll be hella interesting to see how quickly people start leaving the corporate identities of Myspace/pV for a much more community-driven aesthetic. IndiePit feels more like a family, rather than a business, and I love that.


  • Janet S.

    Finally a website that I can actually listen to music while browsing pictures and friends…

  • Narium Pentazas

    I Can’t wait until midnight! SOOOOO EXCITED!!!

  • Narium Pentazas

    I can’t wait until midnight! SOOOOO EXCITED!!!

  • Pavan

    can anybody invite me to this website or can techie-buzz post invitation codes here…
    [email protected]