Download Music From is a pretty popular service for listening to music tracks online, we love it so much that we have the application for Nokia N95 and also recommend it to convert Firefox into a Music Hub.


However you cannot easily download the music you listen to on, but there are few tools which you can use to easily download music from

The downloader is a tool that will allow you to download music from, just enter the URL of the song you are playing, in-fact you can also download music from similar artists and tagged music.


All downloaded files are named "Artist – Title.mp3" and saved in the "Downloaded Files" subfolder. If you check the ‘Deep folder layout’ option, the files are stored as "\Artist\Album\Artist – Title.mp3". ID3 tags are automatically generated. Even the cover images can be downloaded. is , so you can download and use it anywhere, by carrying it on your flash drive.

Download Downloader

Disclaimer: The post if just for informational purposes, please check your local copyright laws, before you download music from the internet.

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