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Last week when I ordered Pizza over phone I spent a good amount of time searching for the discount coupon. I thought of starting something that would give discount coupons from all stores at one place. Luckily Yowza!! has saved me from the pain of starting a new business J

Yowza!! Is a new app that aims to deliver discount coupons/ best deal to the consumers. The best thing about the app is ITS FREE. All the user of this app needs to do is show the barcode or digital mobile coupon on their iPhone or iPod Touch at the checkout counter and they would imediately avail the discount applicable on the purchace. This app is available on iPhone(all versions) and iPod.

So far many common names in Brands have signed with yowza!! Brands like sears,McDonald’s,Finish Lines, ESPN Zone, The container Stores, Islands Restaurants, Sports Authority, Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill, Pier 1 Imports, REI,, Saks Fifth Avenue, Regency Shopping Centres, California Pizza Kitchen, American Golf Corporation, Cavallo Point Lodge, Marmalade Café, Traditional Jewelers, American Car Movers,Aveda Salon/Spa,Inner you pillates, JRK Hotel Group, Cheeseburger Restaurants, Keihl’s, Midway Car Rental,Santana Row Shopping Centre, Seaton, Jill Roberts and Paige Premium Denim. PHEW! More merchants will be announced in coming weeks. !

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