YouTube Mobile Supports HTML5 Videos on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch And Other Mobiles

YouTube Mobile Supports HTML5 Videos on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch And Other Mobiles

The fight between videos and Flash videos has been going on for a long time. Of course Flash has the upper edge with the videos right now because of features it has. On the other hand, HTML5 videos are still in its infancy with support for only few codecs.

YouTube Mobile Version YouTube Mobile Browser Videos

However, has been working with HTML5 videos for a while now and have now rolled out HTML5 videos on their mobile platform. This means that you can now watch YouTube videos on Safari on your , and devices. Sweet right.

YouTube Mobile Search Suggestions

In addition to being able to play HTML5 videos, YouTube mobile player is also faster than the earlier one and also incorporates a larger and more touch-friendly elements making it easier to access videos on your mobile phone. YouTube mobile now also supports search suggestions (see screenshot above) and allows users to like, unlike and favorite videos from your mobile device.

According to the Google, YouTube has grown over 160% in 2009 YoY and are now playing more than 100 million videos on mobile devices a day, this is roughly equal to the number of daily playbacks did in 2006. Currently does over 2 billion video views per day.

To access the new HTML5 player on your iDevice or other mobile devices which have a HTML5 compliant browser, just head over to and try out the new video player. Watch a video of the new YouTube Mobile in action or visit the official announcement post here.

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  • Najika

    It doesn't work for ipod touch (at least not Gen. II) as far as I know… I tried on mine and I can't load the videos… which sux cus even the original mobile was better than the app in my view… it didn't mess up any videos I bookmark…

  • Daweh

    Sir your use of the word tech in your name is misplaced.

    Cursory examination of the website shows that video is not HTML5 but XHTML1 providing linking to 3gp videos.

    I would suggest in future that you perform your own research instead of re-wording hype from other websites.

    • @Daweh – I tested and watched the videos before I posted this, the screenshots are from my iPod Touch and I was very well able to view the videos. Not sure what misplaced word you are talking about here.

      And this was not a re-word from other websites, it has been officially posted on the YouTube blog.

      • Daweh

        Im simply pointing out that its NOT html5.

        To claim otherwise is ill informed and badly researched.

        Just because it plays videos over your iPhone or iPod doesn't make it HTML5.

        Again, look at the source code and these are .3gp video files downloaded to your phone. 3gp is a older video standard designed to work on most if not all modern phones.

        Finally, i should add that 3gp isnt HTML5 video standard.

        Just saying that anyone trying to call this HTML5 is simply making hype for the wrong reasons.

        Looking at youtubes post on this you will see the make NO claims about html5, DONT label something that isnt HTML5 as HTML5, it weakens the standard and means that people can get away with calling garbage the wrong names.

        • ralph lewis

          i think your stupid assumptions and not accurately reading the posting is displaced

  • anonymous

    ok so I used to be able to watch videos on YouTube before
    but now if i see a video and come back to watch it again it doesnt let me
    sometimes it just stops working in the middle too
    nd I can’t open it
    is it because there’s a limit for watching ??
    please explain in layman terms for I don’t understand technology very well
    thnking u in advance