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Back when I had the Sony Ericsson z550i, I used Yamigo’s awesome service to stay in touch with my friends and family over IM. Now, I have installed nimbuzz and Fring on my 5800 XpressMusic, yet I felt the itch to try out Yamigo’s service on the 5800. Okay, so lets get started before I bore you to death.

IMPS, as you know, directly connects your client with Instant messaging servers. Luckily, on your phone, you have it for free, though you have to use a third party like Yamigo to provide service. Yamigo provides it for free. Currently Yamigo provides free connectivity with the Yahoo, Aim, Icq and MSN instant messaging services. To use this service, you need to register at Yamigo first, which is not even a 5 minutes job. Once you register follow the  instructions below.


There is an inbuilt IM client on your 5800 XpressMusic as highlighted in the image. Open it. You will find a screen something like this >


In preference Keep the following settings:


Then define new server. Configuration details:

Server Name – This is a descriptive name for the server which is used only within the IM Client for display purposes.
Access Point in Use – This specifies the internet access point (settings profile) that should be used for IM client connections. Use an appropriate profile that will facilitate connectivity to the HTTP URL of the Yamigo IMPS Server.
Web Addresshttp://yamigo.com/wv/control
User ID – This setting should contain the name of the user account obtained from the Yamigo Server.
Password – This setting should contain the password of the user account defined on the Yamigo Server.

Scr000015 Scr000016

Hit back and viola you are done! Get ready for chatting.


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