Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Firmware Update Reintroduces Nasty Wi-Fi Bug

Last week we reported that Sony Ericsson had begun rolling out a firmware update to the Xperia X10. The new firmware – R2BA026, introduced further performance improvements and made the entire user interface more responsive. However, according to reports coming in from multiple users, the new firmware also introduces a particularly annoying bug.

As demonstrated in the video embedded below, whenever your network signal drops to zero and then bounces back, the Wi-Fi gets automatically disabled. What makes this blunder even more unforgivable is the fact that the very same bug was also present in R1FA016 and was fixed later on. It definitely seems that Sony Ericsson needs better regression testers. If haven’t yet updated to the latest firmware, you might want to hold on till Sony Ericsson squashes this maddening bug through another software update.

Update: It seems that the R2BA026 update also suffers from fluctuating in-call volumes. According to reports on XDA, if you change the call volume during a call, the volume gets automatically reset to 50% after the call.

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  • JohnXIII

    Well situation is far more worst than that in Canada.

    Issues encountered with update:

    – Apps constantly opening in background, lowering available ram to about 40/65 megs.

    -Apps constantly opening in background, draining battery in about 4 hours os simple usage(little phone use, music and mms)

    -poly instances of firmware running simultaniously.

    -Screen response lowered.

    -Sometimes phone buttons do not work

    -General perfomances lowered despite what update promised.

    -Built in alarm not working

    -Calendar is acting up(sometimes no notifications, sometimes to much notification despite settings)

    In simple terms, just do not update your phone, just makes it run like and old htc dream post 911.

    Another example of how shitty are those dicks at Rogers/Sony.

    The update killed my Xperia. New one comming in today via UPS. At least carrier sent replacement.