XBMC APK For Android Leaks; Try It Out Now! (Update: Compiled, Not Leaked)

Earlier today, the folks behind XBMC (Xbox Media Center) announced that they will be bringing a full-fledged version of XBMC to Android. The full-fledged version is not going to be a remote or thin client, but a full XBMC install. This will allow users to convert any of their Android powered device into a full-fledged media client.

The developer of XBMC did not announce as to when they would release the app into the Play Store since it’s “not quite ready for prime-time”, but did mention that it the source-code of the app is already available online. The developers were also planning on releasing apks for interested beta testers in the “coming weeks.”

However, it looks like someone has managed to get his hands on the XMBC APK or has compiled one himself and uploaded it online for all Android owners to enjoy. Keep in mind that the app is not even in beta stage, so some issues and bugs are to be expected. The leaked XBMC APK can be downloaded from here or here.

The app took sometime to start on my Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, but has worked without any issues after that. The developers will hopefully also work on improving the theme of the app in future versions, since right now the UI is not that touch-friendly.

Update: The APK has in fact been compiled by the folks over at Miniand Forums, and is not a leak.

Thanks to Jesse for the tip!

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