WWDC updates

– As predicted by us,  earlier, sharing connection between your IPhone 3G and computer now available.

– Safari. SunSpider benchmark. In iPhone OS 3.0, we run JavaScript almost 3 times faster. Next, support for HTTP streaming audio and video. AutoFill — you can now remember user names and passwords to login to websites. We also use your contact info to fill out web forms. Basically browser compatible with HTML5

– New languages Added to Iphone 3.0

– Find My iPhone. "This is a great one. If you’ve ever misplaced or lost your phone." would this really work? samsung was the first one to come up with something like this.

– For 3.0, we’re opening up the possibility for developers to build apps that talk directly to third-party hardware.

– Peer-to-peer. Wirelessly over Bluetooth, no pairing needed. Doesn’t look like this is any different than what we saw at the 3.0 event. These companion apps can talk over Bluetooth or the dock connector. Finally.

– Push notification comes up for IPhone 3.0, namely text alerts, numerical badges, and sounds alerts

– Developers getting to show off.. Gameloft is showing off what we saw at the 3.0 event — racing app

– This is good. You can play music from your iTunes collection, on the phone in the app.

-  a book-buying app for the iPhone on show. doesnt impress though.

– Tom Tom. A GPS navigation for IPhone. I have been using it on Nokia ever since. Finally it comes to IPhone.

– So, tom tom also had car accessories now. impressive.

– Tom tom will be available in summer.

– Star defence demo.

– Shows off downloading capabilities

– Some science app show off. which shows theory/ experiment. The chap is performing a experiment. *applauds*

– The app is not working. The chap wants to convert whole world into labratory

– next is ZIPCAR.

– The Presenter doesnt own a car. the application locates him and shows him the nearest ZIPCAR.

-  We’ll be using it to find Zipcars to crush with our monster truck.

– Next up is our final demo. Line 6 and Planet Waves. You can control your guitar and your amp from your iPhone.

– Some sound trouble. LOL

– Demo of some app which connects guitar?? damn the demo is not working!!! this is ubercool app, it seems. It should be working. sigh

– The demo finally worked. you can also retune the guitar (a Veriax) via the app.

– IPhone 3.0 free for iphone users and $9.95 for touch users. available on 17th of June. yeah.

– To call the iPhone 3G a hit would be the understatement of the year. It’s changed how people think about their phones. It wasn’t that long ago that we were so frustrated with these… crappy devicesoh true

– ha ha. showing available apps on phones. 18 for BB. LOL

– oh sorry , its PALM, i see it wrong

– This is a really fast iPhone. Something as simple launching messaging, 2 times faster… everything is faster. These are all speeds against an iPhone 3G

– camera with autofocus. yes i want it.

– New iPhone, same old design, improved interiors, to be called iPhone 3GS. Has a 3MP camera that does video too

– You can call out for your iphone and ask which song are you playing. and it will tell you the song name and artist. okay. but i need something kool now.

– There’s also a built-in digital compass. The compass app is a new one that comes on the iPhone — you can tap to go right into Maps, and if you tap a second time, it will orient the map to where you’re facing.

"We have some great new settings on the 3GS — it can read text, you can zoom in the display, invert black and white..

– and improved battery life. naice.

– iphone 3GS comes in a 23% smaller packaging.

– "The iPhone 3GS… just $199." 16GB of storage, and $299 for a 32GB version. Black and white… no other colors..

-But we want to reach even more customers. So we’re going to keep the iPhone 3G on the market… at $99
-So when does the iPhone 3GS become available? Just a week and a half. After that even more countries, over 80 countries will have it by August

– So that it is.

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