WWDC 2009 Predictions

WWDC starts in less than 4 hours and there are endless predictions/speculations been made.


Earlier, we reported about IPhone 32GB.  Apple’s next generation IPhone 3Gs might come with much faster processors and more RAM. The much needed functionality, video recording, is total turn on. This might come for the same prices, 16/32GB for 199/299$, respectively. The battery life is also expected to increase by neatly 15-20 pc.

I expect new models to look much cooler. There have been image leeks of IPhone 3Gs, But I am not quite sure if they are original, seems photoshopped for me.

Financial times reported of cheaper IPhones, for 99$. I dunno how is that possible unless they add 2-3 features of IPhone with a calling functionality. Nevertheless Apple might pull a lot of crowd with it.

IPhone OS3.0:

The major changes I expect with IPhone OS3.0 is sharing the 3G network of IPhone with your computer. Hope Apple has found out a solid way to do it, as it has tied up with so many mobile operators all over the world. But I am genuinely looking forward towards it.

Apple Tablet:

I have been hearing of Apple tablet ever since i was a kid. And I hope Apple announces it for sure, this time at least. :)

Are you keeping a watch on WWDC?

UPDATE: You can track on WWDC here and here

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