My 2012 Wish List for Windows Phone

  1. Show space occupied per app: Recently I noticed that my phone is taking up 10GB (yes, 10 gigabytes!) in reserved and othercategory. Naturally, part of that space is the OS itself, and the system files, but most of it I presume, is taken up by apps and app data. I wanted to reduce that and so I started looking for the apps occupying the most space, and I could not find that information anywhere. It would be great if there is a way I could see space used by each app and perhaps a system status showing how many apps are installed and how much total space is used by all apps (versus system/OS space used).
  2. Notification Center: This feature is arguable because Windows Phone has an excellent way to notify me, and that is via Live Tiles. However there are lot of times when I miss toast notifications. I hear the notification sound, but since I am away, I don’t actually see the toast. If I have not pinned the app to the Start Screen, or the app does not update the Live Tile, there is no way to know what created the notification. For example, when I receive a twitter mention, Rowi can send me a toast and update the Live Tile, but with so many Live Tiles, it is hard for me to know which one created the latest notification. Hence, I would prefer a webOS/iOS-style Notification Center in addition to the individual Live Tiles. The Notification Center is one place where all notifications would go, and clicking on a notification would open the corresponding app. I love Live Tiles, but I am not always in front of my phone, so I need one place to go check for all missed notifications.
  3. Switch to FB/Windows Live automatically: Having seen how seamlessly iMessage switches a textmessage from SMS to iMessage, I believe Windows Phone should do the same for its Facebook/Windows Live (and maybe in the future, Skype/Lync) messaging. Today, the functionality makes me switch the medium manually when composing a message, or keeps the medium the same as incoming message when replying to a message.
  4. Skype: Speaking of Skype, the app was expected at the end of 2011, and that has clearly not happened. The announcement of the app was made before Microsoft announced their intention to buy Skype and now that they have completed the acquisition, perhaps they are doing a re-think in terms of how to add Skype to Windows Phone. Could it become a native service like Facebook and Windows Live? Let’s hope so. Also, let’s hope it does not take all of 2012 for that service (or app) to show up.


Phew! Clearly, this is a long list of wishes I have for Windows Phone, and it goes with the earlier piece I wrote about what is missing. However, since I do believe in the platform, I think these are required so that Windows Phone does not get relegated to the othercategory in the mobile platform future.

Do you have something to add besides these wishes? Let me know in the comments!

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