Windows Phone Marketplace Passes 70,000 Apps

Windows Phone may have had a slow start, but it seems to be gaining traction lately. While it’s still far behind Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android, Windows Phone has seen some substantial developer love in the last few months.

The total app count in the Windows Phone Marketplace is now up to 70,000 apps, according to stats by WP7AppList. It hit the 50,000 app mark in December 2011 and the 60,000 app mark in January. Windows Phone Marketplace now has over 18,000 approved developers. Apple’s iOS App Store passed the 500,000 apps mark almost a year ago, while Google hit the 500,000 apps milestone in October 2011.

Microsoft has been getting quite aggressive with Windows Phone lately. It recently officially launched in China, and is targeting the budget segment there with cheaper smartphones powered by Windows Phone Tango. It hopes to beat Apple in China, and eventually overtake Android to become the number one smartphone platform.

Though Windows Phone has been lauded for its innovative interface, all that praise hasn’t translated into as many sales, despite being backed by most of the top smartphone manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, HTC and LG.

It is trying hard to fight the fragmentation problem that has plagued Android. Hopefully, it will become one of the top three smartphone platforms in the next couple of years.

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