Windows Phone Marketplace Passes 50,000 Apps

According to a new report by AllAboutWindowsPhone, the very underrated Windows Phone platform has hit a new milestone – the Windows Phone Marketplace has now processed more than 50,000 app submissions. That’s much lower than the Apple iOS App Store, which has more than 500,000 apps and even Google’s Android which offers almost as many apps as iOS, but it’s a very important milestone which showcases the amount of developer interest in the Windows Phone platform despite it being very late to the market.

While Windows Phone reached this milestone in 14 months, Apple did it in 12 months, while Android took around 19 months.

In the last month, around 265 new apps have been added to the Windows Phone Marketplace every day. Going forward, we expect Windows Phone to add new apps at an increasing rate, as it becomes one of the top three smartphone platforms after Android and iOS.

Note: The total number of apps currently available in the Windows Phone Marketplace is less than 50,000. It’s slightly less than 48,000, according to statistics by WP7AppList. The discrepancy is because some apps have been removed by either Microsoft or by the publisher. However, Microsoft should offer more than 50,000 apps by the next two weeks, going by the current rate at which apps are being submitted to the Marketplace.

Windows Phone 50000 Apps

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