Tethering – Yet Another Feature You Won’t Find in Windows Phone 7

Make no mistake about it, the Windows Phone 7 launch is a make or break situation for Microsoft. If the technology giant wishes to remain competitive in the mobile segment, Windows Phone 7 has to impress. Otherwise, it might be too late.

Windows-Phone-7Unfortunately, when it comes to alluring power users with impressive features, Windows Phone 7 already appears to be falling short of the mark. Microsoft has already confirmed that WP7 won’t ship with copy-paste support. Now, a Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed that Windows Phone 7 won’t support tethering either. The revelation is bound to disappoint many who had got their hopes up after Brandon Watson, director of developer experience for Windows Phone 7, had hinted that Microsoft will support this consumer friendly feature that enables sharing of phone’s internet connection with laptops and other devices.

Windows Phone 7 definitely caught our eye when it was launched with its innovative interface and presentation. However, the big question is, is it the new Vista or the new Windows 7? Is Windows Phone 7 all show or does it have substance?

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