Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Now has 12,000 Apps

The growth in the number of apps in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace seems to have accelerated quite a bit in March. Almost 3000 new apps were added in March, bumping up the total app count to 12,000.

Compared to iOS and Android, the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is still way behind, but the increased developer interest in the platform is quite encouraging. With Nokia now backing Windows Phone 7 too, it is very likely that Windows Phone 7 will be the third major player in the smartphone market very soon.

Microsoft has tried to incorporate the best aspects of both iOS and Android in Windows Phone 7. Like Android, it can be used by any manufacturer, and like iOS, it is a closed platform with a curated application store. Though the sales of Windows Phone 7 devices haven’t been particularly encouraging, they are likely to improve as the number of apps and games available for the platform increase.

Windows Phone 7 App Stats

Here are some other interesting stats:

There are now about 4500 approved developers for WP7. Windows Phone 7 has 36% free apps, 37% paid apps and 27% trial apps.

Games comprise about 21% of the apps – about 2555 of 12,000. Entertainment and Tools are the other two major categories with a 13% and 12% share in the total apps.

Check out the complete Windows Phone 7 Marketplace stats at WP7Applist.

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