Windows Phone 7 Dev Tools Downloaded More Than 300,000 Times


Microsoft scrapped its Windows CE and launched Windows Phone 7 back in February during the Mobile World Congress 2010. Many ridiculed Microsoft for them not able to catch up with their competition. The lack of apps was predicted to be the major flaw for when Microsoft would launch WP7. Fortunately for Microsoft, developers seem to be as enthusiastic as the Microsoft employees.

An official blogpost from Microsoft mentions that Windows Phone 7 dev tools have been  downloaded  over more than 300,000 times. Not only did Microsoft provide easiest way to develop an app on Windows Phone 7 but also provided tons of online tutorials on how to develop Windows Phone 7. This has helped Microsoft to the extend that the Windows Phone 7 development tools have been downloaded over more than 300,000 times in just six months.

What does this mean? If the developer enthusiasm sustains then there surely won’t be any dearth of app on  Windows Phone 7 when ever the devices are launched in Q4. All we have to say is Congratulations to Microsoft for attracting developers.

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Apurva Chaudhary

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