Microsoft and AT&T To Unveil 3 Windows Phone 7 Handsets

Windows Phone 7 will be launched with the next 2 weeks on October 11. Microsoft will be initially offering Windows Phone 7 based devices exclusively on AT&T.

Windows Phone 7

According to a WSJ report, Microsoft and AT&T will unveil 3 Windows Phone 7 devices manufactured by Samsung, LG and HTC on October 11. AT&T will exclusively start offering these new devices from November 4, 2010.

Windows Phone 7 is a huge step forward for Microsoft who have lost a lot of ground in the smartphone and touch phone market. Windows Mobile 6.5 was the last offering from Microsoft, however, there weren’t many devices that could compete against the likes of and based devices.

Microsoft has also lost ground in the mobile phone market share with Android and iPhone based devices being the most successful one. So in addition to ensuring that Windows Phone 7 is one of their best works, Microsoft also has to worry about penetrating the market currently led by RIM, Android and iPhone.

October has been a lucky month for Microsoft with big launches such as being made. Will this October launch for Windows Phone 7 bring as much success to Microsoft as their other launches? Only time will tell.

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