Windows Phone 7 Powered Asus E600 Passes FCC Tests

Asus began working on a Windows Phone 7 device long ago, but we weren’t able to see a WP7 powered Asus device at the official launch of Windows Phone 7.

A prototype by Asus running Windows Phone 7 was used to demo Windows Phone 7 features in September, but it wasn’t spotted since.

Now, it seems that the Asus E600 is on its way to us. It has just passed the FCC barrier and should be launched by Christmas. It will probably be launched on AT&T’s network soon. It is a very capable device which sports a 5 MP camera and 4 inch touchscreen display with a 1300 mAh battery. No pricing details have been revealed yet, but it should be in line with the other Windows Phone 7 models.

Asus E600

Source: FCC

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