Windows Mobile App Store Is A Disaster

Earlier this month, we reported about the Microsoft to launch Windows Marketplace for WinMo. And they did. But is it doing to be success?  If you ask me, No. why? Here are few reasons that I feel might not make Windows Marketplace a

When Apple launched app store, thousands of developers supported it instantly. Apple’s app store provided a platform for the developers to sell their talent. Well, this is exactly what Windows Marketplace is trying to do. However, why won’t it succeed? Unlike Apple, Microsoft does not provide any way to the developers to protect their product. Once you purchase/download an app from Windows Marketplace, you can distribute it to as many friends you want to.

I doubt any developers would want to showcase their product on Windows Marketplace if they are not going to make any money. That said, the Marketplace is full of bugs. Once the developer submits a new version of the app, the Marketplace erases all the reviews and ratings of the app. This is something Microsoft wouldn’t like to boost about.

Microsoft remains partial towards its own app in the Marketplace. Take for example, Microsoft forced developers to translate the description of the app in local language if they were to submit it to the local Market place, something that Apple’s app store never had. On the other hand, Microsoft allows its own apps to appear in the local Marketplace with English description.

Microsoft should realize that their monopoly won’t work here. It’s not the 80’s and 90’s anymore. Moreover, to overcome the competition, Microsoft should allow some innovative features to the Marketplace and not stubbornly restrict developers.

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