Windows Mobile 7 Delayed to 2011

Looks like Microsoft is cooking up another in the mobile segment. According to several rumors there is some confirmation that Windows Mobile 7 has been delayed to Mobile World Congress in February 2011.

Windows Mobile 7

This is definitely bad news for WinMo fans, as Microsoft have been lagging behind in the mobile scene. What with , , RIM, Palm and making some mark and coming up with some awesome devices in 2010.

Earlier at , LG had announced that they will be coming up with a new phone running Windows Mobile 7. However, there was no demo or confirmed dates for the release of the phone, which will be called Meta Material Antenna, which suggests that Microsoft is not yet ready with the platform for even manufacturers.

We spoke with representatives from Microsoft, Lenovo, Qualcomm, TI, Nokia, nVidia, HTC and many more and they all had just one message – Windows Mobile 7 is delayed until 2011.

Windows Vista too was originally marred by several delays, and then the final product was really really disappointing in many ways. After the success Microsoft achieved with , if the Windows Mobile 7 news is really true, then Microsoft is definitely digging its own mobile grave.

With adoption of Android blowing through the roof, this is just more bad news for Windows Mobile fans.

One thought on “Windows Mobile 7 Delayed to 2011”

  1. As it is right now, today, Windows Mobile is finished. Every handset OEM is moving away from it, and going to Android.

    LG must have heard the shocking news this week about further delays, and is the latest to focus on Android.

    The Windows Mobile phone platform is finished. It has no chance as it is, let alone with further incomprehensible delays.

    Where's Ballmer? Show him the door.

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