Windows Mobile 6.5 Custom Theme Generator

Microsoft has been gearing up in the mobile market with the recent introduction of Windows Mobile 6.5. Like which has generated a lot of interest and rave reviews, Microsoft is hoping for a rejuvenation in the Mobile OS market too.

Microsoft had launched a market place for Windows mobile recently, to add to that they have also released a new custom theme generator for Windows Mobile 6.5.


Using the Windows Mobile theme creator, you can create themes for Verizon HTC Imagio, AT&T HTC Pure and Sprint Samsung Intrepid.


Once you choose your phone, you can start creating the custom theme for your mobile. You have an option to choose from different colors and styles. You can also upload your own image to be used as a wallpaper.

After you have created your custom theme, you will need to provide your phone number to get the download link for the theme. You will receive a text message which will contain the download link. You need to click on the download link to install the theme on your phone.

The Custom Theme Creator works with Windows Mobile 6.5 touch-screen phones. The theme generator is built on Silverlight. You will be prompted to install the software, if it is not installed on your PC.

Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Custom Theme Generator

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