Windows iPhone 7

Well, before you start cursing me, Microsoft and Apple are not really collaborating to create the Windows iPhone 7, it is just how badly Microsoft is trying to turn the Windows Phone 7 by curtailing users just like the does is what is making several people to rebrand it as the "Windows iPhone 7".

Windows iPhone 7

First of all Microsoft created so much interest around Windows Phone 7 and then demoed it at  MWC 2010,  however, since that event, newer details have emerged which have dampened the spirits of people who were assuming that Windows Phone 7 will change everything for the Microsoft mobile platform.

After the initial announcement of Windows Phone 7 at CES MWC 2010, several more details on the platform have emerged including from the MIX10 event, which are damning for Microsoft. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Windows Phone 7 will not have multitasking like the iPhone, while iPhone may get multi-tasking in the next update.
  • Just like Apple, Microsoft will not add support for external MicroSD cards, so you are stuck with the storage that OEMs sell you a phone with.
  • No Copy Paste functionality? Didn’t we hear loud rants coming from Microsoft Fanboys about the non-availability of copy paste on the iPhone before? Pin drop silence follows.
  • No File Manager. Ouch, so people will have to use the Zune Software to interact with the phone, anyone yelling iTunes sucks now?
  • Not much customization or theme options (I could live with that, considering that it could be jailbroken or rooted)

So, is Microsoft following in the footsteps of Apple to ensure that the Windows Phone 7 series is as successful as the iPhone, because it has all of the above restrictions? Or is Microsoft just keen on dropping an axe on its own foot and letting run away with the market, which is certainly the case right now.

I am not a huge Windows Mobile fan in the current format it is being distributed in, and do own a HTC Touch which I believe sucked because of Windows Mobile. Lack of these features and maybe more in Windows Phone 7 will make me NOT want to buy a Windows Phone based device ever.

This is much worse than the lack of features iPhone produced, since Microsoft has had all the time in the world to listen and understand the problems iPhone has had. Introducing the same problems in an operating system, that many thought would change the way Windows Mobile is looked upon is definitely going to turn their own supporters against them.

To add to all these problems, Windows Phone 7 is coming out at the end of the year, only God and the other mobile OS developers know how far behind and outdated that OS will be by the time it is released.

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