Win Nokia N900

Do you want to own a Nokia N900 but don’t want to burn your wallet? Here is a chance to win the Nokia N900 in a contest sponsored by Nokia.


Nokia recently started broadcasting series of videos called Offline As It Happens. To generate user interest   Nokia is offering users a chance to contribute to the series with their own ideas. The winning idea will be produced as  a video. In addition to that, Nokia will give the Nokia N900 as an award to the person who suggested the idea. Once the winning idea has been selected, Nokia will be making use of several professionals to film  the video. The new video will be added as the 5th series of Offline As It Happens. You can submit your ideas/stories to Nokia’s official Youtube page.

If you haven’t watched the other four videos in the series of Offline As It Happens, Techknots has compiled the list of videos.If you plan to take part in the competition, I would highly recommend that you watch the initial videos to understand what Nokia is looking for.

I am pretty sure many of you might already be churning some ideas in your minds. If you have decided on your idea, you can submit them to Nokia to become eligible to win a Nokia N900. Nokia N900 retails for 500 Euro (approx 739.99 USD).

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  • maheshdixit

    this is something that can be expected from only an Industry leader and Nokia always goes an extra mile to meet the expectations of the users. I have even heard that Nokia has announced the Forum Nokia Developer Conference ’09, to be held in Bangalore on 7th December. This is a great event for any mobile application developers.

    • Krishna

      I am looking forward to attending this conference in Bangalore. Expect to see some live demos and meet some industry leaders. Check out the forum Nokia site for more details

  • humza

    my english is poor so i hoop you understand my language nokia makes slim phones because 99.9% people likes slim phone and big loudly music and hifi audio out put powerfull base system and most comon thing is camera flash,s on for torch on any kind phones ..and youtube video downloder software and built in infared remote mean all kind irfared remotes(t.v ac dvd plyers.etc) and some kind best secuerty system like we lock any application of our phone ok by

  • sanjeewa sampath

    nokia is the phone king in the world.the quin is nokia n900

  • Alusine.Sankoh

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  • Oyewole Lanre

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  • Bharat Makhijani

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  • sarvan kumar

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  • Rakib

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  • Sakil

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  • Rakib

    Nokia, the name is related to a mobile which is very favorite to me from its beginning. Nokia mobile attracts maximum by its easy function & long lasting quality. ln Bangladesh its demand is more than 80%. Nokia is now producting computer grade mobile that excells even pocket pc cos it has camera & so on. l m very much fond of Nokia so let me chance test n900. Thanx for excellent product.

  • Nikhil

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  • seif

    nokia n900 the best phone i what , it is criait for me i like it so match tha is why i was have the nokia 7610 and n70 and now i have the n81 , i wich that i win the n900 it is my dram :)