Will [Insert Device] Get CyanogenMod 9? Refer To This Flow Chart To Find Out!

CyanogenMod a.k.a CM is without a doubt the most popular third-party ROM for Android handsets out there. It does not matter if your are an Android noob, there is a strong possibility that you would have heard about CyanogenMod and/or CM7. Now that Ice Cream Sandwich is out, the CM team is working hard on bringing CM9 based on ICS for all the popular handsets out there.

However, since Ice Cream Sandwich includes a lot of low-level underlying changes, and more powerful hardware to run smoothly, it might be possible that your Android handset might not get CM9 after all.

Thankfully, the CM team has released a flow chart which shows whether your phone will get CM9 or not.

So, if you had any doubt whether your handset will get CM9 or not, you can refer to the chart above and clear your doubt. To make things easier, if your handset does not have a GPU, and/or has less than 512MB of RAM, there is no way your handset will get some CM9 love. If your handset already has an official alpha or beta build of CM9, then you and your Android handset are completely safe unless things go seriously wrong!

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