Why Webpages Look Weird on Opera Mini for iPhone and How to Fix It

You have probably heard by now that Opera Mini has been approved for the Apple App Store. As expected, it is already proving to be quite popular. In fact, Opera Mini is now the most popular free application in the German App Store.

Opera Mini is a great browser, but it does have its own limitations. The remote rendering process it uses was initially designed for low-resolution budget phones. Hence, by default Opera resizes all text on a webpage so that it matches the screen width in zoomed-in state. This can distort the appearance of a website.


If you do not want this feature, you will have to manually disable it from the advanced configuration options. Here is how to do it:

  • Enter “opera:config” or just “config” in the address bar.
  • Opera-Mini-iPhone

  • In the page that opens, switch the list box next to “Fix text to screen” from Yes to No.

That’s it! Websites should now appear as intended on your Opera Mini for iPhone.

(via ChooseOpera)

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