Samsung Galaxy S3 Uses A PenTile AMOLED Display Because It Last’s Longer

It was generally thought that the Galaxy S III will come with a Super AMOLED HD Plus display, instead of the Super AMOLED HD display found on the Galaxy Nexus. The Super AMOLED HD Plus display was already being used by Samsung on the Galaxy Tab 7.7 so there was no issue of the technology not being ready in time. However, many people were disappointed to see that the Galaxy S III used the same Super AMOLED HD display with PenTile matrix as the one on the Galaxy Nexus.

A lot of questions were raised as to why Samsung did not use a Super AMOLED HD Plus display on the Galaxy S III. The Korean company finally answered this question at the on-going CTIA to a reporter of MobileBurn that Super AMOLED HD Plus displays don’t last as long as the Super AMOLED HD, and so the company went with the Super AMOLED HD display on the S3.

Super AMOLED HD displays have a PenTile (RGBG, 2 green pixels for every blue pixel) sub-pixel arrangement, while Super AMOLED HD Plus has a RGB sub-pixel arrangement. The blue sub-pixels on the Super AMOLED screen degrade the fastest, so since the HD Plus has more blue sub-pixels, the display will not last as long as the former.

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  • Jomzkie

    it does’nt matter! amoled is much better because it uses less power and you cant tell the difference between this and the retina display unless u use a magnifying glass just to look at the display, HELLO!

    • Ben

      You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about if you’re comparing the S3 display to an iPhone Retina display or even the HTC one X display. The clarity on the Retina and AMOLED PLUS display are much more natural looking as far as the colors. The whites are truly white in addition to very nice blacks. The Galaxy S3 and Note have a darker look to the screen with a blue tint and less natural looking colors.

  • Bradtigas

    I like SGS3 AMOLED Screen because it consume less power than any phone, and that is very important to Smart Phone the longer battery life and the durability of the screen.