Why Not To Buy A N97 Right Now?

I went to buy a N97 today, handled the N97 for about an hour in my hand, and let me tell you it is lighter than you would expect it to be even with a qwerty inbuilt, and to top it the phone almost feels like a feather.


That aside the qwerty in itself is reasonably big enough to type faster than you can fathom.

The touch is pretty good and responds very quickly at it, apps et all, everything in the N97 is really really good.

Tested the camera too and it came out very well, the lens closure acts as a sensor to activate or deactivate the camera, and it has a whooping 32GB memory too.

However here comes the bad bad part, the reason why I did not buy the N97 today, the web browser sucks big time, it’s ok but not good enough to allow me to make a decision to buy the N97.


Why the web browser, because most of the times you would want to use it for practically anything, the browsing experience was bad, took a lot of time to load on, blame that on the Flagship gallery’s network or the inbuilt browser in the N97, it was really not worth going for a the N97 with a so so browser.

To top it I downloaded Opera mini and Skyfire however both this browsers were not touch recipient yet, hopefully I will buy the N97 once Nokia updates their browser or either Opera or Skyfire start to work with touch screen on the Symbian 5 system.

Overall I am not really disappointed with the phone, having handled it for an hour I almost made a decision to buy it, just prolonged that till I get the browsing experience right, but yes after my experience today I am definitely buying the N97 before the end of this month.

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