White iPhone 4 Spotted at Burger Joint in Minneapolis

The elusive White which has been spotted in various locations including UK seems to be rearing its head out once again, this time in Minneapolis, USA.

White iPhone

The website Just Judy Judy Judy was the one which spotted the white iPhone at My Burger in Downtown Minneapolis. The guy who had the white iPhone does not work for iPhone and instead works for a company called AutomotionTV. Not surprisingly, the guy was not keen to answer how he got the phone. However, someone outside Apple having a white iPhone definitely sounds fishy right? However, it might be that the guy had some friends who gave it to him.

White iPhone Minneapolis

According to a statement back in July, Apple had said that the white iPhone will be available in late 2010. However, December is already here and there is still no sign of it, so could Apple be planning to launch the device before the holidays? Not sure, but it might just spring a surprise.

So did you put off your plan to buy an iPhone to wait for the white one? Or are you planning to buy the white iPhone too? If yes, you might just get a surprise announcement from Apple soon.

Thanks for the tip Judy.

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