White iPhone 4 Spotted in UK

Well while US users have to wait till next month to get their hands on the white thanks to production issues, it looks like their counterparts across the ocean in UK have the privilege to lay their hands on one.

Sky News have their hands on the White 4 version. According to a new video they posted on their site, there are glimpses of the White iPhone at 1:23 in the video and a full fledged segment where a reporter is holding a White iPhone around 1:31 into the video.

Now, you know where all the white iPhone’s went? To the place where they sell the iPhone 4 unlocked. Watch the video of the white iPhone 4 in action below.


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  • I have to admit that Apple has one very smart product marketing strategy. They have a knack for really stretching a product's sales potential with new versions and colors. I think a white iphone would do very well.

  • Thanks a lot for this wonderful information… I adore this info.

  • I saw a white iPhone 4 in Minneapolis yesterday. I didn’t even know they could make them! Of course I had to take pics and talk to the guys who had it. See the images and read the post on my blog: