White iPhone 4 May Come To Best Buy In February

The White had been delayed indefinitely, however several users have spotted the white iPhone 4 suggesting that the device exists and is being tested.

White iPhone 4 Best Buy

Now according to a leaked inventory screenshot sent to Mac Rumors by a source, the White will probably show up in Best Buy Stores on February 27th.  Both the White iPhone 4 16GB and 32GB models are seemingly coming to Best Buy on February 27, 2011. However, there is no indication as to who the carrier of the device will be. Earlier Engadget has also spotted the white iPhone 4 in Vodafone Germany’s inventory.

Considering that Verizon is launching the iPhone 4 on February 10, the white iPhone 4 may be available for both AT&T and Verizon networks. Though there is no way to confirm this through the listings. Considering that it took 2 years for Apple and Verizon to come up with the CDMA version of the iPhone, they might have definitely worked on doing the same for the white iPhone 4.

Unfortunately, we will only know what type of iPhone 4 will be available after February 27, so you might just have to hold off buying the iPhone from Verizon till then. If you do buy it, you might be able to return the device within 30 days, so make sure to check out on that.

Are you waiting for the white iPhone 4? Will you buy it if it only comes on AT&T or would you prefer waiting for the Verizon version? Do let me know through your comments.

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