Sneak Peek At Photovine, Google’s New Photo Sharing App for Smartphones

google-photovinePhotovine is the latest photo sharing service from Slide, which was acquired by Google back in 2010 to aim the Social Gamingdomain. Last month there had been speculations about the service and now it is a reality. However, right now it is in the invite-only stage which means you will have to either wait for it to go live or head over to the Photovine official website and request an invite. Until then, let us take a quick look at its features.


It seems from the website’s layout that the app has been designed only for the iPhone. However, it may soon be available for Android based smartphones too. The service aims to share photos with other people allowing them to add their own photos reflecting the same mood. The photos can then be grouped together based on the user generated tags/captions. The idea is to grow an image by linking it to other related images in turn creating a photo vine   with no limits.

Considering the line, A picture is worth a thousand words, photos with tags like My Dearest, At the beachor Christmascan grow into a photo vine that can tell you what others have to say. The concept is simple and viral. Let your images speak for you!

Meanwhile check out the Photovine official teaser video.

Photovine is expected (as indicated on their greeting email) to send out invites later this month. So, go ahead and book one.

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