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So after a year where Symbian lost the market leader crown to and a week where Stephen Elop’s memo caused a major storm in the tech world, Nokia will finally start out with the Nokia Capital Markets Day in London in a few hours.

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Everyone’s eyes and ears will be tuned on to which company Nokia will be partnering with to bring some good phones to their lineup. According to the impending rumors Nokia will partner with Microsoft and come out with Windows Phone 7, however, nothing is certain yet and this will be a huge setback for , the OS which never was and never came to be.

Earlier last month, Manan had said that Nokia should basically go with either WP7 or Android as the software for their high end phones and it looks like there is no way out for them but to do it. I have personally used the and the and find that it has good hardware but it lacks good software. It definitely makes sense for Nokia to let go of or stop making smartphones with it as it hurts them more than it is good for them.

This event is extremely important for Nokia as the target audience are the investors and Nokia certainly cannot afford to disappoint them as they have disappointed their loyal users.

Hopefully, a lot of questions will be answered tomorrow at the Nokia Capital Market’s Day. We are all waiting with bated breath for what Elop will say tomorrow. Are you?

The presentation starts at 10AM London Time / 5AM EST. If you are interested in watching the Nokia Capital Markets Day online, you can head over to this link and click on the Webcast link or visit the webcast page directly, you will need to register before you can view the webcast.

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