Walmart Selling iPhone 3GS for $97

With the anticipation of the release of next month at , the 3GS will slow but surely lose its charm since people would rather wait to get the next generation device rather than buying an old device.

iPhone 3GS 

However, now Walmart is enticing users to buy an iPhone 3GS by dropping the price to $97 for a two year contract. For $97 users will get an iPhone 3GS 16GB phone with a binding 2 year contract with AT&T.

If you have been reading this blog, you would know how I had raised issues on how Apple was keen on dumping iPhone 3GS in other markets when it announced the iPhone 3GS in India.

So would you be prepared to buy an iPhone 3GS for $97 considering that an iPhone 4G is just around the corner, or would you pass the offer and rather buy an iPhone 4G instead. Do let me know through your comments.

6 thoughts on “Walmart Selling iPhone 3GS for $97”

  1. They'll have to give the phone away for free if they are going to catch me with an offer like this. To bind yourself to a two year contract for obsolete technology is rather silly, and this one gets an emphatic NO vote from me.

  2. I would not buy it for $25 from Walmart. How much will the 4g be with a 2yr? Probably $199 for the lower memory version? For an extra $100 you can get a better phone.

  3. This deal wouldn't be too tempting for people who like to have the latest technology. For me it is a little more tempting. I don't use my phone much so I normally opt for a cheaper phone. I'm sure a 3g iphone is better than what I'm using. I just wouldn't want to 2 year contract.

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